parathe wali gali Chandni Chowk Chandni Chowk’s street lane is centuries old. Do you know that Chandni Chowk is designed by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s daughter Princess Jahanera Begum? Chandni Chowk was built in 1650 with the Red Fort. Here the first silver shops were held, later slowly and jewelry clothing shops were growing here. In 1872, the street of […]

Top Restuarants in Delhi

            Top 5 Restuarants in Delhi-NCR  5) Tamra Restaurant Tamra Restuarant is known for there present day culinary styles with friendly and engaging services.It is Sizable, upscale inn restuarant with one of a kind, savvy stylistic layout offering a worldwide smorgasbord and cocktails. They offers all you can eat and Late night food these two varieties Tmara […]