Chhatarpur Temple
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Katyayyini Temple is situated on the banks of India’s capital Delhi, which is also famous as the Chhatarpur Temple. The Chhatarpur temple is a famous religious place of Delhi, which people come from far away to see and wish to receive the blessings and blessings of the mother. Adi Kataiyini Temple or Chhatarpur Temple is one of the biggest and most well known sanctuaries in Delhi. This sanctuary is situated in Chhatarpur close Gundgaon-Mehrauli Marg.. This temple is made of white marble and its decoration is very attractive. This temple built in South Indian style spreads in a vast area. There are beautiful lawns and gardens in the temple complex.
Originally this temple is dedicated to Durga. In addition to this there are also temples of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Hanuman, Lord Ganesha and Ram etc.
On the occasion of Durga Puja and Navaratri, devotees gather here from all over the country. There is a tree where devotees bind thread and colorful bangles. People believe that doing this will make them feel fulfilled.
Chhatarpur temple is one of the big and magnificent temples of Delhi. Spread over vast areas, this temple has been the center of attraction of all due to its fame. Adi is dedicated to the Katyayini temple or the Chhatrapur temple, Goddess Durga, in which the grand look of the mother is seen. In this huge temple, the temples of other goddesses like Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesh, Hanuman and Lord Ram Sita etc. are also located.
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The establishment stone of Shri Adi Katiyani Shaktipeeth sanctuary situated in Chhatarpur was done in 1974. It was established by Sant Baba Nagpal ji of Karnataka. Prior, there used to be a house on the sanctuary site. Today, there is a wonderful sanctuary of Mother on 70 sections of land. In the temple premises, IIT including Dharamshala, school and small hospital. Is operated. This sanctuary is committed to Mother Katiyani, the 6th type of Mother. Henceforth its name has additionally been kept in Katyani Shaktipeeth. This place of about twenty small temples is considered the second largest temple in Delhi.
Chhatrapur Temple is the world famous temple. This sacred site is also famous for its construction art. The finest artifacts of crafts and carving crafts made by white marble in the building that can be seen in the temple can be seen. The mesh made of marble looks very beautiful. You can see the huge door in the temple premises, which has a large lock, it is the center of attraction of all. Built in South Indian style, this Chhatarpur temple is surrounded by beautiful gardens. There is also the operation of Dharamsala, dispensary and school in the premises of the temple.
Importance of Katyayini Temple
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Chhatrapur Temple is the site of the idol of Katyayani in the sixth form of Durga. According to the mythological story of Devi Katyayani, the famous Maharishi Katyayana used to harsh worship of Mother Bhagwati. Pleased with this austerity, Goddess was born in her home daughter form when she called her mother Katyayani and the goddess killed the demon Mahishasur. According to the recognition, Ashrvina Krishna Chaturdasi was born in the house of Maharishi Katyayana and till three days till the Saptami, Ashtami and Navami, the Goddess accepted the worship of Katiyana Rishi and slaughtered Dashami to destroy the earth from terror. Every devotee who comes to the temple is fulfilled with the devotion of the mother.
Chhatarpur Temple Festival-
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In the temple, people are going to come to visit all the year, but during the festival of Navaratri, people come to see the mother in the number of millions who are seen in this temple. People from far away reach a large number of buses, cars, etc. in this temple. Many people walk barefoot on the Chhatarpur temple for a visit to Mother.
Surrounded by gorgeous and beautiful gardens, this scenic spot is about 4 kilometers from Qutub Minar. Apart from the bus, there can be access to the metro rail. This Mehrauli is located on the Gurgaon road.
Worship method
Those seekers who are devoted to Goddess Aradhana with the intention of awakening the Kundalini should worship Datta worship in every form of Mother Kattayani ji on the sixth day of Durga Puja. From this, man gets the meaning, karma, work and salvation. On the sixth day of Durga Puja, worship the goddess and the goddess present in the first place and then worship the Goddess goddess of the mother’s family, which are immersed on both sides of the statue of the Goddess. When the method of worship begins, worshiping the Goddess by taking flowers in hands and meditating on the Goddess is done
Durga’s sixth form is worshiped in the name of Kattayani. The nature of Mother Katyayani is very overwhelming. Sitting women on the lion is the nature of Shakti. By the devotion of the mother, man receives the religion, meaning, work and salvation fruits. To receive the devotion of Mother Kateyani, the devotee should chant this mantra –
Chandra Sahojkalkarra Shailwarwana
Katyayani Shubhanda Dadiaddevi Danavaghanti .. Goddess Sarvabhutshu Mother Katyayani Rupaan Sanstha
Namastasi Naamshasai Namastasai Namo Namah:
In addition to Goddess Katyayani in Chhatarpur temple, worship is offered to other goddesses like Radha Krishna, Shiva-Parvati, Ganesh etc. An ancient tree can be seen there too, on which people ask for vows by tying threads.

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