parathe wali gali Chandni Chowk


Chandni Chowk’s street lane is centuries old. Do you know that Chandni Chowk is designed by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s daughter Princess Jahanera Begum? Chandni Chowk was built in 1650 with the Red Fort. Here the first silver shops were held, later slowly and jewelry clothing shops were growing here. In 1872, the street of Parantha was started by Prasad Paranthawala in Chandni Chowk. As of 1960, there have been 20 parathas with shops. Let us tell you that all these shops belong to the same family. Pandit Kanhaiya Lal Durgprasad Dikshit in 1875, Pandit Dayanand Shiv Charan in 1882 and Pandit Baburam Devidyal Paranthhera in 1886 opened the shops one by one here. From last 6 generations, he is running his family at the Pundarwali shop. Well, let us also tell you that the name of this street has changed from 1911 to a small fortune but today this street is known as the street with paranthas.

 Types of Paranthas?

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In paraththa street, still the same old way is made in the parantha. It is very important to tell you that only pure vegetarian parathas are available here but they are not added to onions and garlic because the people of Pandit community were opened by these people and since then their families have adopted this tradition as theirs. Are moving forward. Here food is cooked in the rural areas. To make bananas more exotic, dried fruits like cashews, almonds are also added. Here you will find many varieties of Parantho variety.

What else is served with Parantho?

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There are many types of parathas like Mix Veg Paranthe, Rabri, Khoya Parantha, Gobi Paranthas, Layer Parantha and you meet here to eat. Here Parantha is served and not only served with pickle, but here you are with Tamarli chutney, Coriander powder chutney, Mix pickle of vegetables, potato-cottage cheese, potato fenugreek vegetable, and Citaph vegetable Is also served.
Before eating the parathas which are made here, do not expect less oil of ghee at all. Because the ghee is spread in the ghee to deep fry. Believe me, even after you have roasted roasting, your mind and your food are eaten. If the stomach is full, but the hunger of taste of these monkeys does not end. If you are going to visit Chandni Chowk or if you are in Delhi and you are feeling like eating something good, then once you come here, you should eat parathas in this street. You will not get such tastes in any of the big expensive restaurants and hotels. You will still see the glimpse of old India here. From the flavors of the people to the behavior of the people here, you will be able to pull them all up.


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