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India’s Capital Delhi is not only for roaming but also for shopping … Yes, we are talking about Delhi’s famous Bajar Chandni Chowk. Yes, if you went to Old Delhi and did not enjoy the delicious dishes and shopping of Chandni Chowk, then your journey was considered to be incomplete only in the major markets of Delhi Chandni Chowk market, which is tied with the Jama-Masjid. This ancient market is an important destination for Delhi. This market is always buzzing for the sale of wholesale goods. This market is a beautiful park, which is known as ‘Company Garden’. Chandni Chowk was established by the daughter of Shah Jahan of Mughal Emperor Jahan in 1648. This market is currently the center of Asia’s largest wholesale trade. There are around 1560 shops in this market which spread to 1,520 yards. The Red Fort is also situated near Chandni Chowk, which was constructed by the Mughal ruler Shahjahan in the 17th century. In front of the main gate of the Red Fort, gold and silver jewelery in the crowded market, Jama Masjid for artifacts, new roads for books and Sisganj gurdwara, town hall, Lal temple, Gaurishankar temple for dry fruits and spices And the golden majid is also located.

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   Begum Samurra Palace

Samur Palace is built in a garden, which Akbar Shah gave as a gift to the Mughal emperor. This big smack is located in the middle of the market..the building is now under the State Bank of India.

Chunnamal Haveli

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Chunnamal Haveli is one of the attractions of Chandni Chowk. This large building is built in three floors in the area of ​​more than one acre. There are 128 rooms in it. A full view of Chandni Chowk can be seen from the roof of this mansion. This mansion was built by trader Chunnamal in 1864. This mansion is called the heart of Chandni Chowk today.

   paranthe wali gali


The paratha street lounge can be enjoyed here with great comfort. Paratha is famous for its paratha street. Dahi-Bhale, Chatt-Dakodi, Jalebi, Faluda ice cream fans can come here and complete their hobbies.

   Glimpse of history

The most important thing in Delhi is its monument, historical and cultural symbols and centuries old Manifesto, which are included in its rich historical heritage. Except for a few things, the Delhiites would not even know that there are many places where the foundation of today’s modernity was laid. In addition to Jama Masjid and many Mughal carpet shops, many religious buildings and horror and ghostly-looking havelis in Chandni Chowk are waiting for tourists. You can start with Mr. Digambar Jain Lal temple or Sikh Gurudwara Shesh Ganj Sahib. After this you can see Begum Sumru, Mirza Ghalib and Zainat palace. After this you should definitely go to the Khajanchi mansion, where most of the guests of Shah Jahan used to be accountants. This mansion connects the Red Fort with a large underground cave, it is believed that it was built so that the accountants of Shahjahan could safely reach the palace.

There is a lot to do and do all day in Chandni Chowk. But new people should be involved in these activities correctly. Then catch the next metro of Chandni Chowk and tell us how your day went there.


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