When India’s historical sites and buildings come in, the name of India Gate is also included in it with great enthusiasm. The India Gate, famous as the All India War Memorial, is located near the Rajpath in the national capital Delhi. It is a memorial of about 70 thousand such Indian soldiers, who were martyred during World War I.
The Amar Jawan is the light of the same India Gate arch which is always burning. This light reminds the soldiers martyred during the war between India and Pakistan in 1971.

It is located in Delhi, India’s capital Delhi. It is a large gate whose height is 43 meters. There are 13,300 soldiers on its walls. These were Indian soldiers who fought for the British government in World War I. It was created by the British government in memory of soldiers. It was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1921. This big door is located on Rajpath road in Delhi. Foundation of India, stone was placed on 10th February, 1921 in the presence of senior officers and soldiers of India. After 10 years of establishment of India Gate, it was completed on 12th February,                            Canopy on India gate

This canopy designed by Edwin Lutyens was designed to establish the statue of George Fifth. George was the fifth British ruler who won the title of India’s Emperor. It was built in 1936 after the death of the emperor. Chandva was unveiled in 1939. Although samples of this structure can be found in Europe, but there are many similarities with Mahabali Puram’s canopy. The main part of the pillar is a special Indian form, which was specially prepared for the New Delhi. The massive marble statue of George F., designed by Charles Jagger, was removed after a few years of independence. This statue is now in Coronation Park.

 For tourists
All roads in Delhi pass through the India Gate. Millions of people visit here in a year It never stops, it is open 24 hours a day. A lot of people come to see it. Every day tourists come from far away to see it. At night, India shines with Gate light and looks very beautiful. There are many places for Visitors or tourists like Raj Ghat, Gandhi Memorial, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib Temple, Janpath Market, Lodhi Garden etc. near India Gate.

Andhra Bhavan

Andhra Bhavan is actually a canteen which offers good food at very cheap prices. That is why this canteen is famous all over Delhi. If you ever go to India Gate, then go to the Andhra Bhavan and take a taste of good food cheaply.

10 Facts on India Gate Delhi
= This is a war memorial for the known and unknown Amar Sainis of India, which is called “All India War Memorial”.
= Created by the British Government in the memory of 82,000 death soldiers in World War I
= Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1921, it is 45 meters high
= Rajpath is located in New Delhi
= 15 km from New Delhi Airport and 4 km from New Delhi Railway Station
= 82,000 martyrs were martyred while fighting for the British Government.
= Immortal Jawan Jyoti of Amar Sainik
= Flags of India’s three armed forces
= Canopy on India gate
= The canopy was made in 1936

 Parade at India Gate

On January 26, the parade is done every year on India Gate. Here the Prime Ministers of India are present and they enjoy the whole parade. Visitors come from far away to see the parade. After the parade, the national anthem of India is sung. Those who do not come to India Gate, they only enjoy on television because Parade is shown live on TV.

 Time, entry fee, opening – closing time,
= India Gate is always open. It is open 24 hours.
= No entry fee for everyone. It’s free to go here.
= Khan Market is the nearest metro station. It is 1 kilometer away from the metro station.

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