The Hauz Khas Village- Nightlife N Manymore

The Huaz Khas town is extremely well known for its Bar culture, Nightlife and part of adolescents come here to party, Apart from its Nightlife there are lots of small Cafe, Designer stalls, and other amazing stalls for jewelleries, clothes and shoes. For Nightlife best places would be to explore is Social, the food is yummy and the view is amazing. Rasta  for its music and imperfecto for Sufi nights and pizzas. You can also come here during the day time  if you are not a party guy. The best nourishment joints are Coast sustenance for coastal, Lama for Himalaya, Italian for Mia Bela romantic restaurant and they open equally  during the day time also. There are also few cheap food joints where we can enjoy all kind of street food but especially I like french fries and fried rice here the most.

People generally come here for chilling with there friends and for clicking pictures. Generally you can see people with cameras and mobiles clicking pictures, Most of college students come here in groups for chilling and for gossip for hours and hours.   The street sales store are completely heaven for Girls they can buy Shoes and Heals for just five hundred rupees( Rs.500) and sandles for just one fifty( Rs150).

If you have to click pictures for Facebook, Instagram or for other Social media then there is a place which are covered from painted walls which may gives you a perfect background for your picture. If you love designer things then it would be great place for you, there are lots of shop you can explore there. There  are also lots of shops for Makeup boxes, makeup items and Home decor items which you can buy for your home and office as well and believe me prices for these items are so regionable. You can also get western designer as well as Indian designer here.

So guys it would be a  great place for your weekend party as well as for shopping.  I hope guys You will like my post if you like my post do comments. For now  Bubyeee, take care.


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