The Shani Market Delhi – One of the Cheapest Market in India.



Hello everyone, today I will tell you about the market which known as The shani market which is famous for their versatility of products at very low price. Fundamentally shani market is a road showcase which settle on Saturday just in various are of Delhi. Friends first of all I want to tell you that I am not from Delhi I settled here due to posting happened previously I used to live in Pune. So I can tell you the differences between the market of two cities according to their prices, qualities, infrastructure and many more.
First I would like to tell you about Pune market in short then we will move to today’s topic. Due have IT Sector most of people are depenending on Malls, Supermarket, Marts etc. Which prices are fixed and bargainless and quite overpriced. In Delhi also there are lots of supermarket, hypermarks, malls are there but the most of people are still dependent on street market and “The shani market” is on of them. Now I am going tell about the products which we can get here and their prices. So here we go÷-


                                                                                         This market is famous for their designer and handmade sandles and sleepers. If you buy these items from a mall you have to Rs 1000-1500 easily you can get these items in the range of Rs 100-1000 you shocked na!!! 😁 I was also shocked when I visited first time in this market. Now go to our second item which is÷-


The all makeup items like Lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, brushes, powders cream and etc. The all product which you buy from malls you can get here easily. Now talking about there prices I literary want to say I have no idea about the quality of makeup items coz I am men and I am single too 😂 but according to their customers it seems like they good qualities of products and one thing I want to mention all customer looks educated and standard. This was my view. I also asked the prices to someone and they told me that they get product at 20 to 30% low price as compared to makeup shops. Now we go to our next item which is÷-


If we are talking about the Clothing items of this market you can get Printed T-shirt, Jeans, Bermudas, Boxers these are men’s clothing now we are talking about Girls clothing for girls here we can get Designer Kurti, T-shirts,Jeans, Dupattas,Salwar kameez and etc. Talking about the prices÷-
-Jeans- Rs250- 800
-T-shirt- Rs80-500
-Bermudas- Rs90- 200
-Boxers- Rs50-150
-Kurti- Rs80-300
-Dupattas- Rs50-150
-Salwar kameez- Rs200-1000 etc.
Above prices are according to the sellers. Now move to the our next item wait wait!! I am feeling hungry dude 🤤 and we saw stall of Chhole nature here and if you are in Delhi so its necessary to it Chhole bhature any how so I can’t skip this chance to eat chhole bhature and it’s our lunch break😋

So yummy!!! And it’s cost only Rs20 is it 2010 or 2018😂 jokes apart. You can try it once Now move to our next item which is÷-


I know these are not made of gold and diamonds but we can say it’s party wear items. Lots of things you can get like earrings, necklace, anklets and many more and obviously this is girls section so once again I am experienceless in this category but don’t worry we asked to people around there they replied with same answer yeah it is cheaper than other market. And once again I want to tell you that the number of customer are high there and all are regular customer there so it’s look nice. In this era where every things are dependent on brand value people don’t agree to compromise with their brand and here you can see people are buying products which really they like and according to there budget . Now our next item is÷-


In this market you can get every one of the flavors in staple things and the day by day utilize things like mirrors, vegetables chopper, soaps, doormats and etc if we are talking about Spices(Massala) you will get all types of spices here and sellers commit that all are pure and organic which is goodfor health. Here also you can get all the tools which used in kitchen like roti roller( belan chauki), chhani(tea filter) all types of pots and many more. And yeah I forget to tell you guys here you can get bedsheets and pillow and pillow cover also.
This was my experience about “The shani market ” and the only thing I have to say this the budget market for everyone. If you are living in Delhi then visit there. And guys if you like my post then do comments. For now take care bye🤗

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